My Grandmothers

👆2023: My niece Tracy Chappelle found POLLY - Mary Pauline Lawrence (Shawanaga-Anishinabe) married to Jesse Bland, a captive in the French Indian War.

I am making a list of my grandmothers - Matilda is one of them.  If you are related to her, you are related to me... (email me if you

LIST:  (partial, not complete)

Elizabeth Goode (1609- )

Angeline Coburn (Thrall) (1818-1898) *
Deborah Gunn (1640-1693)
Ida Alice Sedgwick (1852- )
Cornelia Clemons (1854-) **
Hannah Clemons, New Hampshire (1820- )
Rebecca Ayers (Thrall) (1788-1845)
Eleanor Knox (1754 - 1835)
Elizabeth Congdon (I'm still searching dates but there are Congdons who are Pequot/Narragansett/Wampanoag)
Matilda C Stephens (1824-1885)
Olive Carter (1855-Unknown)

Sarah A. Sparks might be a victim of the TVA looting graves

 I love each and every one of them...



Angeline Coburn Thrall 


New York, USA
Death 9 Sep 1898 (aged 79) (she died on my birthday!)
Burial Pickett, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA

 Her Family Members



Augustus S. Clemons
Born in New York Statemap
Ancestors ancestors
Son of and [mother unknown]
Brother of
Husband of — married 21 Apr 1816 in Rome, Oneida, New York, United Statesmap
Descendants descendants
 He died in Sparta, Livingston, New York, United Statesmap
1860 Census RANSOM (R) Clemens, Angelo, Monroe, WI 44 abt 1816 NY Male HANNAH (H) Clemens, Angelo, Monroe, WI 40 abt 1820 New Hampshire Female
Lucius Clemens, Angelo, Monroe, WI 8, abt 1852 WI Male Cornelia Clemens, Angelo, Monroe, WI 6, abt 1854 WI Female Harriet Clemens, Angelo, Monroe, WI 3, abt 1857 WI Female


Back in 2009, I worked with Paul Burke to find out about my birthfather's grandmother who my family called Granny.  Granny is actually Mary Francis Morris - but her own mother died in childbirth - so Mary was raised by her kin Susan E and Willis Watson, from Indiana.  Susan is an enrolled Cherokee from Tennessee, same location as my great-grandparents Henderson and Olly Carter.  Susan E Watson is Susan Ward, enrolled Cherokee from TN, with a parent from North Carolina. Susan Watson died in Decatur, Illinois, not far from Pana, IL where my father Earl was raised.  Susan signed the marriage license in 1892 for my great-grandparents, as Mary's mother.

I was told this by my relatives that Mary 👆smoked a corncob pipe! And she was a mid-wife.  She always wore braids - like me - and she kept Indian-head nickles to give to her grandkids. Inside her shirt, she kept a medicine pouch.

James and Mary had 5 kids: Bessie, Earl, Lilly, Loanie and Thomas. Lona Dell (Loanie) was my grandmother.

Below are my grandparents: Hiram Bland and his wife Lona Dell.

The first time I went to Illinois, I saw Lona's photo and I saw myself - exact same eyebrow shape. I was stunned - I never looked like anyone. As an adoptee, this is HUGE!

my dad's headstone, I visited again in 2022


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