My Grandmothers

matilda carter

I am making a list of my grandmothers - Matilda is one of them.  If you are related to her, you are related to me... (email me if you

LIST:  (partial, not complete)

Elizabeth Goode (1609- )
Mary Frances Morris and her husband James are my great-grandparents
Mary Frances (Morris) and her husband James Harlow are my great-grandparents/Buddy Moore photo/Pana, Illinois[/caption]
Angeline Coburn (1818-1898)
Deborah Gunn (1640-1693)
Ida Alice Sedgwick (1852- )
Cornelia Clemons (1854-)
Hannah Clemons, New Hampshire (1820- )
Rebecca Ayers (1788-1845)
Eleanor Knox (1754 - 1835)
Elizabeth Congdon (I'm still searching dates but there are Congdons who are Pequot/Narragansett/Wampanoag)
Matilda C Stephens (1824-1885)
Olive Carter (1855-Unknown)

 I love each and every one of them...


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then it hit me

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