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Rest Here (new book reviews)

My friend Laura wrote this about my new book:

Laura Weldon 5.0 out of 5 stars Lifting Truth March 21, 2019

Combine Frank Waln’s truth, Lyla June’s spirit, Supaman’s energy and you might get close to Lara’s fiercely beautiful voice. She has been forced through the sieve of many names, but she presses on, sings for herself and for many. It is code, she says, in this book’s first pages. She lets the reader decode the mystery.

When Lara lifts John Trudell’s voice she lifts her own. “We’re not taught about our personal relationship to power. We’re not taught about our relationship to the Great Spirit. Recognizing power is what you have to do. When you recognize it, you exercise it. You can’t take back what they have already taken but you can stop the taking of your power, once you recognize it.” She lifts her own voice as she investigates the absence of Indian history, the erasure of Indian lives, the loss of Indian identity in many ways including adoption.

Lara lifts mostly direct…

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