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Back in 1984 on August 4th, 8-4-84, I was married to David at my parents house on a lake in Wisconsin.
My dad was hospitalized for cancer the day before. David had proposed on Friday the 13th and I should have said no but didn't. You might say this was one of my biggest mistakes.
My mom's family was in town for their first family reunion in years and it was my 10-year high school reunion, too. All the signs said, go ahead and do this. I was 27. My parents wanted me to get married and settle down.
From every error in judgment we learn and we learn big lessons.
David and I divorced eventually and we stayed best friends until he passed.

I send him this prayer today...
With your generosity, I began to heal my old wounds.
Thank you for lessons and love and family.
I remember you in a good way.
God bless you, David...

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