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By Trace Hentz

Back in 2000, I worked on a paper FIRST CONTACT. I was working as editor of the Pequot Times, and had learned about the Pequot enslavement and genocide.

It was rare to read about Native slavery. So rare, there were people at NAJA in Florida who asked, how is it we never heard about this slavery before?

We are not supposed to know.  The slavers/colonizers wrote the history and kept this heavy part out.

I was patient. I waited until others did some research. 

Now it's happening.


The Guardian’s Owners Apologize for Founders’ Ties to Slavery

Headline Mar 29, 2023
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The owner of The Guardian issued an apology Tuesday for the British newspaper’s founders’ role in transatlantic slavery. The Scott Trust published research that shows Guardian founder John Edward Taylor and investors gained much of their wealth from the cotton trade, after importing the cotton from North America, where it was cultivated by enslaved Africans on plantations. The findings came as part of an independent investigation commissioned in late 2020 by the Scott Trust. The Guardian also announced a 10-year, $12 million “restorative justice” program, which includes supporting Black journalists. British-Nigerian historian, and member of the Scott Trust, David Olusoga is featured in a video as part of The Guardian’s report, as well as a written piece, in which he describes how British ties to the transatlantic slave trade have been obfuscated.

David Olusoga: “The Guardian, like thousands of institutions in Britain, has direct financial connections to the world of slavery. That reality can’t be negotiated with. It can’t be explained away. This history can never be solved, can never be remedied, but it can be — something good can come from it, but it needs to be a dialogue.”


My Easter 1962, Catholic

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the Catholic Church and their involvement in human trafficking and torture. I was an inmate at a young age at a Catholic orphanage in St. Paul, MN. Yes, I was there until I was placed into foster care, then adopted. It took awhile. 

My birthmother was alive. She orphaned me. She left me with them.

GHOSTS (new book)

Sorry for making this post kinda depressing. The truth often is...



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