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"My intent is for the sculpture to stand as an enduring symbol of our shared belief that all here are sacred and in a sacred place."

- Dale Claude Lamphere, Chamberlain, SD


Dignity of Earth and Sky began in 2015 and was dedicated September 17, 2016. 

I don't know why this did not receive much notice or news.  Renown South Dakota Artist Dale Lamphere made it to honor the women of the Sioux Nation.

ARTIST WEBSITE: https://www.lampherestudio.com/dignity

Dignity of Earth and Sky is a soaring sculpture standing high on a bluff above the Missouri River.  The starquilt is made of 128 diamonds in the colors of the water and sky that surround her.  Dignity weighs 12 tons, and is made of hundreds of pieces of stainless steel.  Dignity honors the Native Nations of the Great Plains.  (With some empty spaces to let the wind pass through.)

The back:

Speaking of a wonder:

Check out Mother Nature's ice artwork near Buffalo, in Hamburg, NY

 My blooming cactus:

more buds will open soon!

What I am doing now: Book 4: The Cosmos and The Snakes

Back in 2010, I wrote a poem: "The Cosmos and The Snakes" but I had never heard of the Ancient Evil I call the MINOANS. I honestly had no clue "they" even existed (4500 BC).

That discovery became "Finding The Invisibles:" A True Story.

This is the 2010 poem:

There is a higher war:
a cosmic war between higher intelligences
between rulers and leaders
dragging on, lasting centuries
between the good ones and the evil ones.

You and I have tangled with snakes
and were bit many times, too many times
Their kind of toxin
can’t kill but pollute our minds
These monsters do twist reality into
dreams, hallucinations, sweat:
fear-raising hell, they create,
negative emotions are like fuel

Their playbook is chaos, fear:
they will threaten each other to confuse us,
all to scare “us” to death, give up
and even drop a bomb to threaten our lives,
our peace
and I do see myself
dancing with those devils

We The People are not stupid.
Their playbook has been: count on lazy poisoned brains to give power over to them,
our brains corrupted.
We spend too much time on stupid.
Technology is a weapon.
Their playbook is not working now.

The good will prevail over evil and
whoever is patient for the end of war,
and will recognize the truth of it
they will survive
We might be poor sad creatures
never quite understanding
what got us into this mess

Life is more habit than creation
Swirling in mass
curling around each other
it’s like evolution rewinds and goes
backwards, all the way back...

Our cosmos has many menus
for all sorts of appetites
the rich ones think they’ll eat us for lunch
but they’re too dense, too blind, too blonde
not awake

The earth is a park and God/Great Spirit is our ranger

I may look starved, empty, lost
But they are all wrong

Only the wise are ever full... and drink air like perfume... 

(published in 2012 in a chapbook SLEEPS WITH KNIVES)


Here is what I know:

The Ancient Evil don't like to be called Minoans. (So I will keep calling them that, haha!)

They are actually surprised we haven't figured them out.  Until now...

They have used sorcery.... always.

They want more... always.

We earn money for them... always.

They developed weapons to kill millions and  have done so successfully (with war and genocide) many times.

They started out as slave masters, and looters, and sea people, and ship builders. 

They built palaces over the old palaces and ruins.  They created "civilization."  Their main goal: colonize. loot. enslave.

They move (and loot and mine) from place to place and changed their names often since 4500 BC.

They get historians to be their minions and flower their history.

MORE INFORMATION coming... I am not quitting.

THEY keep moving and creating new religions.



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