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OK, first off, I had to quit dairy (milk cheese and butter, etc.) on November 11 of this year after my (long-overdue) allergy test. Because I am really made of cheese (since I am from Wisconsin), I kinda went nuts and put up the Christmas tree BEFORE Thanksgiving. (That is a first in my life.) Some years I don’t put up any holiday stuff.

(Giving up butter or cheese is not easy.)  What else am I allergic to? Nothing. Just Cows. Which is sad because I love cows. (I was never a milk drinker.)

I am madly happily working on a follow-up to What Just Happened, It’s a Miracle We Survived this Far, which came out this year. Yup, it’s a follow-up to Mental Midgets, which some of you have read. I thought I wouldn’t get much done with the pandemic but I was wrong. I am often wrong.

"What a fascinating whole history we have, when you can get a hold of the actual truth of it.  Because George Orwell himself talked about the Memory Hole in his book, a system that would come where the hero or the target or the miserable character really is an anti-hero in a sense, who’s fighting the system on his lonesome, Winston tries to write to the future to tell them what happened in the past. That was the idea, that he kept a diary, you see, which was forbidden of course, as well.  And they lived in a system where everything was watched, everybody was watched and monitored.  Your expressions were analyzed.  Everything was analyzed constantly.  And you’ve been in it yourselves, actually, for a long, long time.  And you don’t even know it." - Alan Watt

I have been listening to the Scottish mystic Alan Watt and he said something that really resonated with me: You are not supposed to study history because then you might see a pattern — and that atrocity and genocide might resurface but you would not recognize it — since you don't know history. 

Watt said: "You’ve been trained not to look at the past, because it gives you too many clues of what can be happening today or going to happen tomorrow.  That’s very important.  You’re supposed to be in the now, and stay naïve, and believe what you’re told.  You see.  That way, they can always do the same things over and over again.

"...Conditioning has many functions, many techniques to be used upon you to condition you, along the path to make the choice they desire.  And that’s what all modern information has been for your whole life, in fact, psychologically designed with behaviorists and so on.  And of course, later on they brought the neuroscientists in as well, and also, a lot of them are also into the behavior techniques of control. ...that’s what you’re living in today, is all the outcome of that, the more perfected system, I’d say, where before it used to be chance and trial and error.  Now it’s perfected.  They pretty well have an idea who will conform to whatever mandate governments put out. - Alan Watt (transcript)

We are not supposed to know!

It hit me: We are at that place now. 

This story hit home: Georgia Board of Education Votes to Censor American History

Now let's look at some good stories:


The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a familiar sight in northern skies. But those dancing lights mean much more in many Indigenous cultures.The recognition of First Nations contributions to science has been on the rise in recent years. In astronomy, instead of teaching constellations and stories from the Greeks and Romans, many Indigenous people are turning to teaching the star stories of the people who have lived on this land for thousands of years.For the Cree (Salt River First Nation is made up of Cree and Chipewyan) the sight of the dancing lights means spirits are dancing across the sky.

WONDERFUL: 'We come from the stars': How Indigenous peoples are taking back astronomy | CBC News


'We’re not going to be walking around in the dark anymore,' says founder, Cowichan Tribes Elder and survivor Linda Jack.

YES: At this Indigenous Elders' literacy circle, survivors find healing



 Massachusetts History:

The popular media often depicted Indians as exotic outsiders, and dubbing those who still lingered around the outskirts of Yankee villages as “the last of their kind.”




For centuries, everyone from archaeologists to amateurs pillaged artifacts — and human remains. Now, the FBI is cracking down on those who continue to dig.

SCARY: Will the mass robbery of Native American graves ever end? - The Washington Post

And I am now looking at the MOUNDS in Wisconsin, where I have ancestors, that were destroyed and flattened. It's heart-breaking. SERPENT MOUND was DESTROYED!

One last thing:

I feel better already but we will wait and see. Mac and cheese, please, I am made of it!



Wow, there's so much here. First off, congratulations on your writing accomplishments. And condolences on the dairy allergy, life without cheese isn't quite the same as life with cheese. I'm over the allergy waterfall the last decade or so --- dairy, corn, wheat, most nuts, shellfish. I still love to cook but the majority of what I make is what I can't eat. Ascetic in the kitchen, I guess.

And wow, love the astronomy article. Never read that particular (ever more relevant) quote by Alan Watts.

Thank you for all this nourishment my friend. You keep taking me down so many new paths.
LT said…
My dear Laura,
You and I are very related in a poetic way. You always inspire me.
This Alan Watt is not the british Alan Watts who is more known. This Alan Watt was a broadcaster and creator of Cutting Through The Matrix, and mysteriously died on March 4, 2021 - and I cannot find cause of death anywhere.
I listen to his lectures on his website. Mind-blowing, of course.
Always glad you come to visit my blog/website. I love you.

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