Hurricane Henri


This came on TV yesterday. BAD SIGN! We are prepping for Hurricane Henri, looking to make a direct hit in New England and western Massachusetts tomorrow - and we will either have BIG WIND or BIG RAIN. Probably no electricity for a few days, if we are lucky.

It is extremely humid here. 

Be safe out there everyone. Every storm has the potential to be a disaster.

From Christopher Knowles:

"The fact is that our technological infrastructure is bloated and tangled to the point of incoherence. We have massive public utilities reliant on ancient software and millions of households reliant on wooden telephone poles. Believe me, I've had all too much experience with mass-scale power and internet outages for the past few years. I know all too well what's coming for the rest of the country.


Well, for my money the hope is where it's been every single time an empire has imploded before us: in the power of rediscovering the spirit realm. In the power of people to turn away from the crass, crappy and commercial, and come together to cooperate. To stop trying to dominate Nature --  which is an utter and complete impossibility in the first place -- and to learn to live in harmony with it.

See you after the storm passes!  LT


Laura said…
I hope you're safe now that (this particular) storm has passed.

And thank you for your words on hope --- wise and true. May the chaos of these last few years help us all see there's nothing in the "crass, crappy, and commercial" that nurtures us or this beautiful planet.
LT said…
Henri should leave our territory tonight, Laura. We are soaking wet. XOX to you!

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