on pause humankind

My sister in law has been healing since December. It was two things: hypoxia and Covid-19. Both are deadly.

We saw her this week (at a distance). She is over COVID but not the hypoxia.

I am on pause.

My husband and I have work to do on her situation. We do not know how soon this situation will be resolved.

Since Trump left the White House, much of the country is on pause and holding its breath for his next move. The nightmare is not over... far from it... hate is a hard thing to fight but he has an army.

HUMANKIND? I love that word... We as humans need to step back and see what has happened to us and realize our overwhelming engulfing trauma over the past decades... and then do everything we can to restore and maintain our balance, our sanity and mental clarity. The evolution of mankind and this planet depends on it.

 The lines met... the cloud centered itself... this happened on a roadtrip north to Vermont... I know this is a good sign.

Be Kind... 



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click on older posts (it's a time machine)
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