A VERY BAD breakup

 (I sent a shorter version to a newspaper in Duluth, MN) see it here


A bad break up 


Imagine you just broke up the first guy you ever loved in high school.  Someone told you he was cheating on you. And you are so angry with yourself. And the more you think about it, you got even more angry with yourself. And you feel used, even dirty if you were intimate. Some of us had that experience in high school and we learned from it. 

I was thinking of that older lady in Duluth, MN who was on TV crying because people were being so mean to Donald Trump at a rally in Duluth.  She looked miserable. She blamed the media. I think of her even now. 

Some of us had a boyfriend like Trump and we saw him for what he is right away

Others can't see it. 

Today his supporters are having a bad break up with Donald Trump and obviously feel used. He told you what to do and you did it. Sadly if you gave Trump money and believed every word he said, someone needs to sit you down and gently tell you it was all a lie, a grift, a con. You were “taken to the bank.” 

Just like high school it is going to hurt a lot and for a long time. (When people lie to you over and over and you believe it, this trick is called gaslighting.) 

Don’t blame yourself please. Most of us don’t see the crooks and liars for what or who they truly are, not at first. 

Others see it and try to warn us but we don’t want to believe there are con artists and sick people out there. We can see that disbelief in all kinds of people right now.  Many people trusted Trump and assumed he was telling the truth. Some stormed to the Capitol last week on his orders.  

Doctors like Mary Trump warned people online about Trump’s narcissism and mental health disorders but not enough people paid attention. 

Just like that guy in high school who didn’t give you the time of day once you broke up with him, even after you slammed the door in his face telling him you know how he lied to you: finally recognize he never loved you or cared about you. He never did. He moved on after you. He wouldn’t cross the street to spit on you if you were on fire. 

You see that now. Break up with Donald Trump. He is a sick man.  

This will be a very bad break up for his supporters. 

The best way after a bad break up is to not judge and move on. Thank your friends for telling you the truth and move on. 

Your heart and your health depend on it. 

p.s.  Chalk up the past four years as a painful learning experience. 


Trace DeMeyer, Greenfield, MA (formerly a resident of Superior and Duluth.) 


Pardon Me? 

Oh this is good:

 Most guesses are good...



Sean said…
You make a good comparison in your letter. Here's hoping people do blame Trump and not themselves. He is going to have to try to come back in some form since he's going to need more money very soon!
LT said…
Tick tock, Sean. Trump will be willing to blow things up... soon.
I'm not sure Zorg deserves to be in that company, he's kind to his little creature....

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