Fleetwood Mac Skateboarding Guy DoggFace Is INDIGENOUS! - Natives React #26

Above 🠉  ET’s Denny Directo spoke with Nathan Apodaca about the enormous response to his TikTok video of himself longboarding while listening to ‘Dreams.’ Apodaca shared his reaction to Mick Fleetwood recreating his viral post and being gifting him a brand new truck. Social media’s favorite musical multitasker said the positive messages he’s received are ‘a blessing.’


He is on youtube: Doggface208 236K subscribers

Who would know a guy skateboarding down a quiet highway drinking cranberry juice whilst singing Fleetwood Mac would be the best thing of 2020. (NODDING YES)

This one 🠋 Nathan Apodaca took over the internet with a longboard, a bottle of cranberry juice, and a sample of a classic Fleetwood Mac song.


Below 🠋

Fleetwood Mac Skateboarding Guy Is INDIGENOUS! - Natives React #26

November is Native American Heritage Month. You need to laugh more... I know I do.


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