The Saint

"God wants us to walk, but the devil sends a limo"
This profile of Val Kilmer [movie star] compels me to suggest you watch his 1997 performance in The Saint with the assistance of your favorite snack or mind-altering substance. It has that old-timey comfort of every character failing to recognize our hero just because he's glued on some facial hair and popped in a set of prosthetic teeth. The wigs in this movie! And trust me, it's worth it for this scene alone—no big deal, just doing some doodling in my leather trousers. Next time someone asks who I am, I'm going to reply, "Just a traveler searching for purity."
spotted on People: Val Kilmer‘s health is looking up. Two months after Kilmer was seen with what looked to be a tracheostomy tube around his neck, the actor is on the mend… READ


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