time is a spiral?

Calendar synaesthesia= aka having your own way of visualizing time. I really enjoyed this twitter thread about all the different ways people conceptualize the passage of days and months and years. 

And this from Olga Tokarczuk's 2018 novel "Flights":
  • Once we're on the bus, she sets out her theory of time. She says that sedentary peoples, farmers, prefer the pleasures of circular time, in which every object and event must return to its own beginning, curl back up into an embryo and repeat the process of maturation and death. But nomads and merchants, as they set off on journeys, had to think up a different type of time for themselves, one that would better respond to the needs of their travels. That time is linear time, more practical because it was able to measure progress toward a goal or destination, rises in percentages. Every moment is unique, no moment can ever be repeated.

I am probably more circular than linear...


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click on older posts (it's a time machine)
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