If we learn again to live in the circle

Ikinngutit - Ilisarisimasarpassuakkalu ...***** ...
Family, Friends and all my Relations ... ***** ...
The spiritual significance of climate change is that we don't recognize each other anymore - we have stopped greeting each other. It is as though ice has been growing between our hearts. The faster the ice on the ground is melting the further apart we become as humans. Which means that you and I we are not capable of changing.
In my work with you I will bring alive one more time the concept of the circle, which is the spiritual foundation of my old tradition - the circle in which we all belong. In the circle we become equal. That means nobody can put you down or talk behind your back. We create support for each other, so the person will get a chance to know himself better and to become able to connect with somebody and say "good morning". 
If we learn again to live in the circle, we become able to face the changes which are coming on us. And we know the hardest thing we will ever go through in life is change. And now is the time for you and I to change.    
I pray to the creator: Help me to find these individuals who are willing to become the hope for mankind. 
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It feels so late, but yes, the circle.
LT said…
Too late for too many, Laura.

Vine was always right

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LINK Humanity faces three existential threats this century, warned historian Yuval Harari at Davos 2020. As we enter the third decade of the twenty-first Century, humanity faces so many issues and questions, that it is really hard to know what to focus on. So I would like to use the next twenty minutes to help us focus of all the different issues we face. Three problems pose existential challenges to our species. These three existential challenges are nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption. We should focus on them. The challenges we should focus on. Alongside inequality, the other major danger we face is the rise of digital dictatorships, that will monitor everyone all the time. Does the future hold a digital dictatorship? The twin revolutions of infotech and biotech are now giving politicians the means to create heaven or hell, but the philosophers are having trouble conceptualizing what the new heaven and the new hell will look like. And that’s a very dangerous situation. All the three existential challenges we face are global problems that demand global solutions.

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