The News is Yelling

Every day since Trump was elected feels like 9-11, over and over again. This time it is daily.
The news is yelling.
Watch me. Watch me.

Mass Surveillance

What is the end game - Mass Hysteria? Panic? Depression? War?
Are we part of some experiment?

It's so easy to die but so fucking hard to be alive, right?

Who feels safe? Fear spreads like fire.

Americans are as guilty as the rest of the world, in that we feel so powerless to stop mad leaders.

But we are not powerless. We are divided... on purpose.

I had a dream I was outside on a hillside, and there were many cars with many people, people chatting, walking their dog, going to work.
But I see a wave of energy... something they didn't see.
It hits them.
Eventually it also hits them that something happened - it doesn't kill.
It transforms.

What is wrong with this world? What is right with this world? The curse is lifting.

Hard heads.
Hard lessons.

Can you hear me now?

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Yes, my friend, I see your dream and am heartened. I love that "wrong" and "right" are crossed out, that the curse lifts. Your dream offers SO MUCH HOPE.

It is an antidote to my own dream. When I was very small, too young to read, I suffered a recurrent nightmare. I rose up asleep and saw a portion of the world from above. From that vantage point I watched everyone rushing around in separate cars and separate lives, their houses distant from one another, and from above I saw it as a tragedy. I could see, from far above, their faces and their sorrows, ambitions, hollowness. On the worst nights I'd wake my father, crying "they think it's real" and he'd tuck me back into bed saying "It's just a dream."

I choose your dream over my own.
LT said…
It's a dream that still is with me, Laura. I hope the wave is what we have experienced. I just can't get it out of my mind. Even as a child you had the messages. That is a very good thing, my friend.

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