The Artist's Way (and artist's date)

(click)Julia Cameron, who created The Artist's Way, has had a wild life— 

and I sure do think about her... still.

As I said in my recent interview with Deb Reger, THAT book changed my life and gave me freedom and tools to write... if you do morning pages like I did for over three years... you will notice how you change...

"The book’s other main dictum is the “Artist’s Date” — two hours of alone time each week to be spent at a gallery, say, or any place where a new experience might be possible."

The book promises to free up that inner artist in 12 weeks. (It does!) read this


Occult Fan said…
Great advice. Thanks! ^^
You are brave. I read Julia Cameron's book years ago, but never mustered up the time (actually, the courage) to follow its precepts.
LT said…
It's hard to calculate how much it works but I trust my writing now more.
LT said…
I remember being in Wisconsin at my mom's in 1996 and it actually made her angry I was writing every single day Laura. For me it became a necessary routine. A way to maintain sanity.

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