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This podcast in from the Moccasin Tracks broadcast January 18, 2019 on WRUV FM Burlington. A college radio station from University of Vermont.

Opening with music by Crazy Flute, we introduce Trace Hentz, an award winning journalist that has recently published Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte. We talk about her experiences writing for journals and newspapers representing the original peoples and nations. Her memoir is a 4-part series that includes stories like her own about being adopted. She began to explore her identity and practiced her skills throughout her long successful career of journalism. We talk about her interview with John Trudell and play music by John. An upbeat speaker we are honoring her work and words!

We think and We thank!! look forward to a future conversation. www.bluehandbooks.org 

Moccasin Tracks is broadcast weekly at WRUV FM Burlington with host and producer Deb Reger and friends at wruv.org and 90.1FM. weekly archive at wruv.org...go to schedule and scroll down on the day Moccasin Tracks airs to play the latest show.
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Moccasin Tracks is syndicated on Pacifica Radio Network weekly. youtube.com/MoccasinTracks ORCAmedia.net **search under series/Moccasin Tracks 
Music Credits: Echoes From The MountainCD, Summer Breeze by Crazy Flute, Jack Holland, crazyflutemusic.com Blue Indians CD by John Trudell and Bad Dog tracks: Blue Indians and Bad Dog


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