Social Media and Me

By Trace Hentz, author poet blogger

TODAY was a hard day. I had to let go of 1,000+ people I know on Facebook. And it wasn't easy to delete my account since there were apps I had created for books and websites and it took extra effort to get rid of them.
I taught social media locally here in western Massachusetts, beginning in 2012. I taught my students what social media is and how to connect on each platform. I gave them information on how to sign in and create accounts.
(I never suggested they join any platform and told them to be careful.)

How many of you received a check from a class action concerning LinkedIn? I did. They sucked our data, too.

And all that was before the breeches and hacks, and the sucking of our data by Cambridge Analytica, and the recent Facebook hack of millions of our accounts and data. We find out months later what actually happened!

Today was a hard day since many of my friends on Facebook use their cell phones and use Facebook chat to connect with me. They don't use personal computers.

Some young people are getting off social media and their cellphones.
I think they realized:
It's nice to meet face to face with friends.
It's nice to get a card or letter in the mail.
It's nice not having your phone on and flashing day and night.

I love emails from friends near and far.
But today was a very hard day.
Some of my nightmares are deaths of friends and family who are on Facebook, and I may not find out until much later.
But I suggest you email me, if you need to make contact.
If it's something you want protected and confidential, use this:

Otherwise use this:

It took me years to realize the time I spent on Facebook was stealing energy and robbing me of truly important meetings and phone calls with my friends, face to face. 

It may take me awhile to recover deleting Facebook

You can find me here too:


You are wise indeed. I haven't made the leap away from FB but find courage in your decision.
LT said…
It's a worthy struggle to disconnect from it Laura.

Vine was always right

Take a listen

I'm reading

LINK Humanity faces three existential threats this century, warned historian Yuval Harari at Davos 2020. As we enter the third decade of the twenty-first Century, humanity faces so many issues and questions, that it is really hard to know what to focus on. So I would like to use the next twenty minutes to help us focus of all the different issues we face. Three problems pose existential challenges to our species. These three existential challenges are nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption. We should focus on them. The challenges we should focus on. Alongside inequality, the other major danger we face is the rise of digital dictatorships, that will monitor everyone all the time. Does the future hold a digital dictatorship? The twin revolutions of infotech and biotech are now giving politicians the means to create heaven or hell, but the philosophers are having trouble conceptualizing what the new heaven and the new hell will look like. And that’s a very dangerous situation. All the three existential challenges we face are global problems that demand global solutions.

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