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"I just realized I am the author of 12 18 books and have contributed to many others."
Trace adds: "HOLY MOLY! I have experimented with 30+ blogs on blogger (so far), which is a little crazy but creativity (and new books) ARE truly born in blog experiments!" 
My husband calls this my OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder.

I am thrilled and honored to read this post on Indigenous New England Literature !

(my adopted) British Grandma Carrie Larrabee with her grandkids (I'm on the left) FAMILY PHOTO

Trace Lara Hentz (1956- ) is the author of “ONE SMALL SACRIFICE: A Memoir,” about the history of the Indian Adoption Project and Indian Child Welfare Act; this includes her journey to find her natural father and tribal relatives.  

Her second book (co-editor) “TWO WORLDS: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects” was published in 2012 and a second edition in 2017, that includes narratives from First Nations and American Indian adoptees who are called the STOLEN GENERATIONS.  

 The historic book series LOST CHILDREN is in four parts: 

"CALLED HOME: Book 2: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects" was published in June 2014.  Fifty narratives cover personal history and the historic case of Baby Veronica, and much more.   
The second edition of CALLED HOME: The ROADMAP (Vol. 2) came out in 2016. 

Book 3:
“STOLEN GENERATIONS: Survivors of the Indian Adoption Projects and 60s Scoop” (Vol. 3) was published April 24, 2016. 

Book 4:

The fourth book in the series “IN THE VEINS, POETRY” (Vol. 4) came out in 2017.   

BOOK 5 (2024)

The book series is used in universities in the US and Canada.  The series was written for adoptees to know their own history.

American Indian Adoptees blog (on Google Blogger) was created in late 2009 and was in the top 100 adoption blogs in 2018 (2024 - over 2 million+ views):

In January 2011, Hentz began to blog and write about her journey, her memoir, relevant news and the book series Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects, on WORDPRESS: LARA

In November 2011, Trace founded BLUE HAND BOOKS, a collective publishing company for Native American writers, where new writers find new audiences. Trace has published several books by others including Pointing with Lips, Writer on the Storm, and Finding Balance.  The website she created:

Starting in 2012, Trace taught workshops on SOCIAL MEDIA 101 (the top social media websites) and INTRODUCTION TO Google BLOGGER at Greenfield Community College in the Adult Learning Division.  In 2015 she created and taught a new course WORDPRESS 101, also for GCC.  In each class, students would create an individual blog; each were provided links to a student blog with class notes and blog tips; and each student received printed handouts on templates, WP terminology, and links to online tutorials.

Trace consults and has helped several people set up a wordpress blog, including a New York filmmaker, a farm project in Oklahoma, two new authors and a local Farmers coop to create their own blog/website using (the free format). 

Trace's writing and interviews have been published in newspapers and journals in the USA, Canada and Europe.  She’s a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Superior (BFA 1978), and have numerous news and feature writing awards.  Since 2004, she’s a full-time blogger-writer, living in western Massachusetts with her husband, Herbert Hentz, former Admission Director, now-retired from Greenfield Community College.  (Trace has Shawnee- Anishinabe-Euro ancestry.)

TWIN Creative non-fiction book came out in December 02018

Please see CV for additional information

Visit her:

Earlier interviews:
I read excerpts of One Small Sacrifice live on Blog Talk Radio August 13, 2011:

My interview with Hidden from History on August 20, 2011:

Here is an interview from September 25, 2011 with Nell, Russ and David and my co-author Patricia:


I had issues - I said BOOM a lot. (so big boom big boom blog was born)
Was this a sign?
Could this have something to do with the mysterious boom sounds happening everywhere?
And I also say: BAM.  I say this in the middle of a sentence!

Something strange is happening to my head! Popcorn Brain? Too Much Screen? TMI?

(2019) update: something happened to my boom blog and it wasn't good... it went BOOM (bye bye), probably due to bots... It hurt so bad...

My wordpress is updated and you can go read all the history and news on Indian Country, adoption issues and human trafficking there 🠟

DeMeyer has received many awards from the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA), including:

  • Best News Story, Honorable mention, "Free Peltier" (1998)[7]
  • Pequot Times Monthly General Excellence (2nd place) (2003)[8]
  • Best Feature Writing, Eastern Pequot Tribe (2nd place) (2003)[8]
Here is an article I wrote after interviewing political prisoner Leonard Peltier:


A sampling of Features I wrote for News From Indian Country: Wisconsin’s independent national Native newspaper

Lakota artist Dee Whitcomb (2004)

Narragansett award-winning Author John C. Hopkins (2003)

25th Anniversary of Wounded Knee, series of interviews (Pine Ridge, 1999)

Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier (1998,1999)

Hollywood Native Actor Joe Runningfox (1998) Apache

Grammy winner Bill Miller (1998) Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican

Native Journalist Patty Loew (1997) Bad River Anishinabe

Grammy Winner Musician Joanne Shenandoah (1998) Oneida

Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark (1997) (Incident at Oglala, Leonard Peltier)

500 Nations, 500 Years: A Forum of Tribal Sovereignty (1997)

Hollywood Lakota Actor Floyd Red Crow Westerman (1996)


My writing on this blog (and publishing new books here) is my humble attempt to broaden perspectives about Indigenous People/American Indians/First Nations… Thank you all for reading and following this blog! You matter to me! xoxoxo



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