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Curriculum Vitae
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Greenfield, MA
Independent Scholar/Author/Editor/Journalist

Author: Honor Restored, Jim Thorpe's Olympic Medals (Chapter 2, pages 38-50) OLYMPICS AT THE MILLENNIUM: POWER, POLITICS AND THE GAMES 2000, Edited by Kay Shaffer and Sidonie Smith, Rutgers Press, 2000, ISBN:0-8135-2819-4

Author: ONE SMALL SACRIFICE: A Memoir, Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects ISBN: 978-0-557-25599-3. 1st edition, January 2010. Book of the Month, Native America Calling, March 2010.  2nd Edition, 2012, Blue Hand Books

Author/Co-editor:  Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe by MariJo Moore and Trace A. DeMeyer (Editors) Renegade Planet Publishing, 2013

Author/Co-editor: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects (5 vol. book series)
Author: Sleeps with Knives/Has it hit you yet? with a special essay Earth Tribes, prose and poetry, ISBN:  978-0578585222, 2019 (Native prose and poetry)
Author: Becoming: Then It Hit Me MMXX, ISBN:  979-8619923025, March 28, 2020 
(2 books by LARAMIE HARLOW - out of print) 

EDITOR:  Lost Children of the Indian Adoption ProjectsTwo Worlds: Lost Children” (2012), “Called Home: The RoadMap,” (updated 2nd edition, 2016), and “Stolen Generations: Survivors of the Indian Adoption Projects and 60s Scoop” (2016).  A poetry collection, “In The Veins,” the fourth book in the series, was published in 2017.  "Almost Dead Indians," hit Amazon and bookstores on January 1, 2024. (UPDATED:
Author:  Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte Twin Books: "It's a Miracle We Survived This Far" book series  ISBN: 9781731074010, 2018 (on AMAZON) (on EBAY)
Author: What Just Happened, 2021 BOOKSHOP
Author: Finding the Invisibles: A True Story (2022) HERE

Migration across Global Regimes of Childhood. Paper: DISAPPEARED: Finding Survivors of the Indian Adoption Programs (and Healing The Hard Stuff): Immigration History Research Center’s one-day research symposium UM- Minneapolis, Sept. 21, 2018

31st American Indian Workshop in Prague, Native American memoir: ONE SMALL SACRIFICE: Lost Children of the American Indian Projects, March 26, 2010, excerpt read by John Strong (DeMeyer could not attend.)

Austrian Association for American Studies 2006 Conference Native Americans and First Nations, A Transnational Challenge, Transnational Resurrection of Freedom after Forced Transculturation, Articulating Freedom in Prose and Color, co-authored with Dr. Raeschelle Potter-Deimel, University of Vienna, Austria, November 2006.

26th American Indian Workshop THE NEW BUFFALO, DeMeyer read her paper “Power, Politics and the Pequot: The world’s richest Indians,” at the Amerika Haus, Munich, Germany, April 2005.

6th Annual Crime Prevention and Drug Elimination Conference Catching Our Dreams, “Native Media and Public Relations,” Foxwoods Resort Casino, 2000

First Contact: paper on Native American Slavery 1400-1900
     Presented at the Native American Journalists Association conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 2000.
     Presented at the Boise State University First Nations Conference, "Indigenous Visions: Honoring Visions, Creating Futures" Boise, Idaho, March 2002.

(online) wiki bio Trace DeMeyer

Radio Show Producer for Jay Winter Nightwolf’s Most Dangerous Show on Radio, Washington DC
Guests:  Gerald Vizenor, Tiya Miles, Pura Fe, and more (2014)

Publications Manager: Editor of Pequot Times and Foxwoods Spirit, monthly; Copy Editor of MPTN November annual report, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Public Relations, 1999-2004
Editor: Ojibwe Akiing, monthly newspaper (co-founded in 1996 with Paul DeMain)1996-1999
Staff writer: News From Indian Country, Indian Country Communications, Hayward, Wisconsin, 1996-1999
Freelance Photo-Journalist-Book Reviewer:  News from Indian Country, 2004-2011.
Editor: Sawyer County Record, weekly newspaper, Hayward, Wisconsin, 1996
Newsletter editor:
  • Northwest Log, Jerden Records, Seattle, WA (marketing music, bi-monthly, Assistant to the President, 1993
  • Arts Council of the Mid-Columbia Region, Richland, WA (monthly), Office Manager/PR, 1980

BFA    Theatre/Communications, University of Wisconsin-Superior, June 1978.

Native American Journalists Association (1996-2004); National Museum of the American Indian (1999-now); Native American Music Association (1999-2004); Vice President, Chancellor’s Council of Advisors, University of Wisconsin – Superior (1998-1999); Cable Hayward Area Arts Council, Board member/editor (1997).



2004   Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) MEDIA Award: Pequot Times
Monthly General Excellence (2nd Place)
2003   NAJA Award: Best Feature Writing –Eastern Pequot Tribe (2nd Place)
2003   NAJA Award: Pequot Times Monthly General Excellence (2nd Place)
2003   NAJA Award: Pequot Times Best Layout and Design – Tabloid (2nd Place)
2002   NAJA Award: Pequot Times Best Layout and Design – Tabloid, monthly
2002   NAJA Award: Best News Writing Monthly (2nd Place) “America Stands United in the Shadow of Tragedy” (9-11 coverage)
2001   NAJA Award: Pequot Times General Excellence, Honorable mention
2001   NAJA Award: Best Feature Writing – The Film “Kusah Hakwaan”
1998   NAJA Media Award: Best News story, Honorable mention, “Free Peltier”
1996   NAJA Media Award: General Excellence, News from Indian Country

Shifting Border of Race and Identity, Researcher Raymond A. Farve, American Indian Studies, Haskell Indian Nations University, 2005
Racial Identification of People of Multiracial Backgrounds, Principal Investigator- Diana T. Sanchez, Psychology Department, 2005
Center for Survey Research on American journalists, 2003
Native Media, Doctoral Dissertation by Dr. Karen Redfield, Madison, Wisconsin (1999)

Deerfield Teachers College, courses on local Native American history, 2005
U-MASS-Amherst, Considering Native Presence in the Pioneer Valley, Professor Marge Bruchac, Fall 2005
Five-College Consortium on Continuing Education: Slavery in Massachusetts, 2004
Bellevue Community College, Self-publishing, Herbal & Holistic Medicine, Acting for Film/TV 1992-1994
(Attended two History conferences at the Pequot Museum and numerous conferences and lectures at Yale, 1999-2017)
(lots to add here eventually)

Cloud Women's Quarterly Spring 2019
Three poems were posted Cloud Women's Quarterly!
BeZINE on wordpress (2017)
Blessed Be
An Interview with Trace Hentz on blogging
What was in my Adoption File?
MOMS RISING.ORG  November 25, 2013
Adoption and the Stockholm syndrome: Volume 4 Issue 2
Poets on Adoption Blog (9-19-12)
Ghost Shell
Anger Turned Inside
The Missionary is Back, or perhaps they never left
The Real Criminals
Starved into Submission, Food Insecurity, Occupied Tribes
Dr. Phil’s Hollywood-ized Adoption Propaganda
READWAVE (England)
Asst. Short Stories
When Words Matter
Dr. Carol Hand
TALKING STICK: American Indian Community House publication in New York City
Interview with Cherokee poet Kim Shuck, author of Smuggling Cherokee (2011)
Split Feather: Adoption didn’t kill our spirit, excerpt from memoir (fall 2006)
Wiping the Tears: Generation after Generation, We are Coming Home (2005)
TAWACIN: Native American history and news in Poland
Wiping the Tears: Generation after Generation, We are Coming Home (2006)
The World’s Richest Indians: Power, Politics and the Pequot (2005)
NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY: Wisconsin independent Native newspaper
Games of Transformation by Mi’kmaq elder Alice M. Azure, Book Review (2011)
Words Facing East by Kimberly L. Becker, Book Review (2011)
Weaving a new life: Navajo adoptee Leland Morrill (2011)
Lakota Quilter waits for transplant, Ellowyn Locke’s family memorial (2009)
In Mi’kmaq Country by Mi’kmaq Elder Alice M. Azure, Book Review (2009)
Malian’s Song by Abenaki scholar Marge Bruchac, Book Review (2006)
Generation after Generation, We are Coming Home – Indian Adoption (2006)
Museum of Art and Design’s exhibit: Changing Hands (2006)
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Powwow (2006)
Blackfoot Rock Band (2006)
Who Owns History (2005)
Thoughts on un-recognition of tribes; Keep the Fire Burning (May 2005)
Celia Little Elk Martin needs our help, Adopt an Elder (Nov. 2004)
Lakota artist Dee Whitcomb (April 2004)         
Narragansett Author John C. Hopkins (2003)   
25th Anniversary of Wounded Knee, series of interviews (Pine Ridge, 1999)
Leonard Peltier, Political Prisoner (1998, 1999)
Actor Joe Runningfox (1998)
Musician Bill Miller (1998)
Native Journalist Patty Loew (1997)
Musician Joanne Shenandoah (1998)
Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark (1997)
500 Nations, 500 Years: A Forum of Tribal Sovereignty (1997)
Actor Floyd Red Crow Westerman (1996)
PEQUOT TIMES: Connecticut tribal newspaper, circulation 30,000
Schaghticoke Elder Trudi Lamb-Richmond (2004)
Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation's Chairman (2004, 2003, 2002)
Chappaquiddick Indian Penny Gamble-Williams (2003)
Wiping of Tears Ceremony (2002)
NAMMY awards in Milwaukee (2002)
America Stands United after 9-11 (2001)
Postmark Paradise (interview w/film producer and actress) (2001)
Sculpture 2000/artist Charlene Teeters (2000)
Actor-musician-activist John Trudell (2000)
Alaskan filmmaker Sean Morris, Kusah Hakwaan (2000)
Passamaquoddy Tribal Court Judge Jill Shibles (2000)
Amistad (2000)
OJIBWE AKIING: regional Ojibwe newspaper
Ojibwe Storyteller Simon Otto (1998)
Artist Camille Lacapa (1998)
Bandolier Bands returns to Lac du Flambeau (1997)
Ojibwe Author Anne Dunn (1997)
SAWYER COUNTY RECORD: Hayward, Wisconsin weekly newspaper
Senator Dave Obey (1996)
Paul DeMain (Oneida-Ojibwe) leads Unity (1996)
Logrolling World Champion Tina Salzman (1996)
Ojibwe activist Walt Bressette: What will you tell your grandchildren (1996)
FISH WRAP: (publication of the Sawyer Country Record)
Muskellunge, the area's prize game fish (1996)
Prize musky fisherman Jim and Carol Chinnock (1996)
TURTLE MOUNTAIN TIMES: North Dakota newspaper
Three Activists Found Executed in Venezuela (1999)
Blood for Money (review of film Leech and the Earthworm) (posted in 2003)
TRAILBLAZER MAGAZINE: monthly magazine of Sawyer County Record
Photograph: Sunrise on North Lake (front cover)
Feature writer: Blue Moon Pottery; CHARAC; Pro-fishing guide Wendy Williamson
NATIVE PEOPLE'S MAGAZINE: quarterly national magazine in New Mexico
Jim Thorpe
INDIAN LIFE: newspaper in Winnipeg, Canada
Jim Thorpe
NEWS FROM NATIVE CALIFORNIA: quarterly magazine in California
Jim Thorpe
The Depies Family Farm: Bio Dynamic Farming; Round House Gardens: Growing Garlic and Awareness

“self.migration” Poet’s Seat Adult Finalist, Greenfield, MA (2017)
“Swallow Manifesto,” TENDING THE FIRE, editor/photog Chris Felver (2017)
Chapbooks: Sleeps with Knives (2012) and Becoming (2014) (using penname)
“Swimmer” in 30 Poems in November (2012)
“Jump” in RIVER BLOOD CORN (2012)
“Jump” in RABBIT AND ROSE, Kim Shuck editor, online poetry website (2010)
“Your God Doesn’t Forget” “People Waking Up,” “Heart-shaped Ass, beauty in pounds” in YELLOW MEDICINE REVIEW, a journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought, Spring 2008, Southern Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN.
“Your God Doesn’t Forget,” displayed with Edward S. Curtis photographs for the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Tennessee, February 1 - April 16, 2006
“The Silence is so Loud,” in INVOKING THE MUSE, International World of Poetry, 2004
“What I Know,” in SPIRIT IN THE WORDS poetry collection by Native Americans, 1999, Bozell Worldwide/DaimlerChrysler

  • Menominee Tribal College: Lost Children, 2010
  • Adoption Workshop, Franklin County Social Services, 2007
  • Phi Theta Kappa Induction Ceremony, Greenfield Community College, 2006
  • Native American History, Gateway Community College, Connecticut, 2004
  • Native Journalism, Lac Courte Oreilles Community College, Wisconsin, 1998
  • Native American Authors, Madison Area Technical College, Wisconsin 1999
  • Indigenous People's Day, Shelburne Falls, MA 2022/2023
  • Retired Teachers Group in Brattleboro, VT, Indigenous People's Day 2023

  • Land of Gazillion Adoptees, Minnesota Blog, Aug. 12, 2011
  • Once Was Von,  Australian Adoptee Blog, March 2011
  • J. Winter Nightwolf Radio Show in Wash. DC, One Small Sacrifice, Jan. 2011
  • Native America Calling, One Small Sacrifice, March 2010
  • Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, BBC International and German TV, 2005
  • Wisconsin State Journal - Adopted Indians Want to Fill the Void, May 2003
  • KILI Radio, Schemitzun: Feast of Green Corn and Dance, 2003
  • Native - Pequot Times awards, 2001
  • First Contact - two radio interviews at NAJA following presentation, 2000
  • WOJB-FM radio on-air discussion "Casinos in our Neighborhood," 1997


Moccasin Tracks, WRUV FM Burlington with host and producer Deb Reger at and 90.1FM.weekly archive at
Jan. 18, 2019 (about new book Mental Midgets)

DAWN OF SHADES with Gia Scott (2012)

Hidden from History (2011)

FireTalk Production STAGE LEFT, BlogTalk Radio, August 13, 2011

Greenfield Historical Society, Massachusetts, Fall 2006
Wisconsin Book Festival, Madison Wisconsin, Fall 2008
Greenfield Kiwanis, Massachusetts, Spring 2009
Superior Public Library, Wisconsin, Sept. 2010
Jitters, Duluth, MN, Sept. 2010
Menominee Tribal High School, Wisconsin, Sept. 2010
Menominee Tribal College, Wisconsin Sept. 2010
Mount Kersarge Indian Museum, New Hampshire, February 2011
Pequot Museum, Connecticut, March 2011
University of New Hampshire, May 2013
Westfield State University, MA, March 28 2013
Brock University, Ontario, March 2014
California, Pala Tribe: Elevating Child Welfare Practice, May 2014 and May 2016
Greenfield Community College Library, November 2016

Contributor to Other’s Anthology
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Jan 14, 2014


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The writing of Trace A. DeMeyer/Trace Lara Hentz (Shawnee-Anishinabe-Euro) is being archived by the Native American Press Archives at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.  Her work is also published and available on the Ethnic Newswatch archives in private and public libraries. 


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