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The magic world of Pinuccio Sciola’s sounding stones

One of the best things I suggest doing in Sardinia is visiting the open-air lab-museum of the late sculptor Pinuccio Sciola. I was lucky enough to meet him and interview him.

“What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of a stone?” Asked Pinuccio Sciola as he welcomed me to his house lab.

“Hard? Rigid?” I tried to guess.

“What about elastic?” He suggested artfully, making one of his freshly cut stones tremble like a chord of a violin.

This is how my interview with the acclaimed sculptor who makes sound out of stones started. I immediately understood it wasn’t going to be the usual Q&A session: “I can’t answer your questions,” he revealed from the beginning, “otherwise I’ll kill all the magic that Nature has created around the stones.”

Pinuccio Sciola's museum of sounding stones in San Sperate, Sardinia
Pinuccio Sciola’s museum of sounding stones


Sardinia, the big Italian island off Tuscany’s coast, has a long-standing mineral-related tradition. The whole territory is dotted with nuraghi, Bronze Age towers made with stones, and domus de janas, literally “fairies’ houses”, also dating back to prehistoric times. Part of Sardinian stone heritage is the so-called “giants’ tombs”, impossible to place somewhere in history, and surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere due to the presence of magnetic fields around them, to the extent that many people consider therapeutic for the soul lying underneath.




outofwak (artworldwar)


dust clouds travel paths out in highway universe

clumping into galaxies, baby stars turning

a trillion billion miracles in waiting

a billion trillion miles away from

under the roots of trees

where such scenes are mirrored also

here the moon can not touch lightly

fungi a synapse in such a mind connected

across continents, under oceans, beneath desert sands

bacteria, enzymes minerals and nature always working

when every grain of dust must help make mountains

how every lightning bolt looks for something to enlighten.


My new musician friend Mary Calvo posted these.... thank you! 

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Giant Stones reminds me of the Stone Xylophones

Are You An Ancient Digger, too?

Definition: An Ancient Digger is anyone, not just an archaeologist, who digs for knowledge, truth, reason, science and education, and strives to share that knowledge with everyone.



One for my dear friend and pollinator Mary Ellen




From Caitlin:

Wealth is meaningless if everyone is wealthy. Power is meaningless if everyone has power. The kings of our day have a vested interest in keeping everyone poor and powerless, because if everyone is king, then no one is king.

Humanity is still being born. As a species, we're just barely crowning.


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