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I love this quote and Mr. Pratchett.

I am wrapping up so many tasks, living and simplifying.

I have another dentist appointment this week. And dental surgery in June.

I am not losing my hearing, though I have lost some hearing range.

I have a new bed (PURPLE) and a bed frame but it took an entire month of horrific smells and replacements and of course I said every day I'm going to scream... and I did inside my head. My old mattress was purchased in Connecticut in 2003 so it was time to go.

I have read many new books, real paper books, after I gave up social media and online blogs for a few months. It was necessary. I still have more to read.  Don't ask me about the history of the Roman Empire. I get too upset.

I still ask every morning "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" and will probably keep doing that.

I started reading about the mob/mafia last week. It started with a short story I'm writing for fun but then it morphed into mob research and it was not where I planned to go with this story... but that is how writing works.

I (FINALLY) am connected to a new cousin Connie who a week ago lost her dad, my uncle who I never met.  Ed was 88 and the last of my first mother's siblings (on the maternal side of my birthfamily.) Remember I never met my birthmother either. (Another chapter for the memoir I am not writing yet.) I never gave up hope I would meet this side of my family.

I hope all of you are well. Really Really Well. 

Well... that is a deep subject. ☮ PLEASE STAY ALIVE. 


From: Hildegard of Bingen’s Book of Divine Works, With Letters and Songs

When God said, “Let it be done!” things were enclosed at once within their forms, just as the divine providence had seen them in an incorporeal way before time was.  Just as everything in front of a mirror shines within that mirror, all the works of the holy Godhead shine within it in a timeless way.  For how should God exist without having prior knowledge of the divine works?  And each divine work, once it has been enclosed within its body, is complete in the function that is appropriate for it.  For the holy Godhead knew in advance how it would assist that work, serving it with knowledge and comprehension.  As a ray of light lets us distinguish the form of a creature, God’s pure providence sees the forms of creation even before they are enclosed within their bodies.  This is because everything God wished to create, even before this work had a body, shone in the divine foreknowledge and according to the divine likeness, just as we can see the rays of the sun before we see the sun itself.  And just as the sun’s rays indicate the sun, the angels reveal God by their hymns of praise.  And just as the sun cannot exist without its light, the Godhead could not be it if were not for the angels’ praise.  God’s providence went before while the divine work came afterward.  If this providence had not gone before, the work would not have appeared.  In the same way, we cannot recognize someone from his or her bodily appearance unless we can see that person’s face.  But if we see the face, we will praise also the whole form of that individual.  This is the way that God’s providence and work are within us human beings.



Willow Croft said…
Forgive the triviality, but OMG mattress shopping. The mattress that I love which is quite old (but not as old as my former mattress which I inherited from Grandma's house) So, I have been looking at the Purple mattresses (that is what you got, right?)---how are they, if you don't mind sharing?
LT said…
Willow, I have slept two nights on the Purple and so far so good. It does have a slight smell which I was told by the Purple People would wear off. It's firmer than what I had. It's under warranty still so I hope it works.
Willow Croft said…
Thanks for sharing some feedback. Buying a new mattress is a big investment in my little world. I was sad that the makers of my current mattress seem to be no longer in business. Good to know about the smell...certain odors are migraine triggers for me. :-p
LT said…
Oh Willow, migraines run on my father's side and I have had a few in my life. THEY HURT! Smell indeed does trigger them. Maybe hold off on the PURPLE and go the traditional route. Mine cost $1,000 and change.

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