Singing Ice | Ice Board Surfer | Rime Ice | Ice Pillars | Ice Chimneys | Arty Ice in Iceland

rime ice in wisconsin - ice grows on trees


 Mystery solved?


and in Maine:

Bubbling ice chimneys near Jackman wow family of hikers



and the artistic Iceland Ice...



I love the cold... Weird, right? The point of this post? Ice is art. You are art. Enjoy art in the winter. Turn off the TV. Go outside. Dress Warm.


Willow Croft said…
Oops, I sent that as a message instead. I am really sad because I thought there would be more snow and ice here and there's only been one kinda big snow. It's all sunshine-y and it's depressing. So thanks for the lovely ice share!
LT said…
Hi Willow... I think we need to love winter (and ice) as much as we love summer and 4 seasons. I do hope you get snow where you are - SOON! xox

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