We're All We've Got, We're All We Need: A Mutual Aid Explainer

I am really enjoying this blog Quakers, social justice and revolution

Mutual Aid has become ever more important as a way to address these survival needs. I don’t know why I only discovered the concept of Mutual Aid about a year ago. Fortunately there is a well organized group nearby, Des Moines Mutual Aid (DMMA) that has been active for years. Providing food, help for the houseless or those facing evictions, and providing bail for those arrested for agitating for change.


stuartbramhall said…
Mutual Aid is probably the most radical thing we can do right now. It's my understanding that this is how apartheid was finally brought down after years of international sanctions. The majority Black South African population simply opted out of the corporate economy by setting up their own industries and services in their own garages.
LT said…
I did not know that Dr. B - how interesting! I hope we kick it off here immediately!

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