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The niece of President Trump and author of "Too Much and Never Enough" Mary Trump texted me saying, “consider yourself lucky that you’re not out on the golf course with him right now.” So we decided to have a chat on Instagram Live. We chatted about the President’s reaction and how the next 74 days will unfold. 

👇Also related, a literary masterpiece: 

And you may find yourself across the street from a crematorium 

 And you may find yourself next door to a dildo store 

And you may find yourself at a press conference 

And you may find yourself in front of a landscaping business 

 And you may ask yourself, "Well… how did I get here?" 

 — Paul Overbite (@PaulOverbite) November 9, 2020



Following is something Noam Chomsky said over 20 years ago that jolted me with the insight it offers on our situation:

“…the country is very disturbed. You can see it in the polls and you can certainly see it traveling around – and I travel around a lot. There’s complete disaffection about everything. People don’t trust anyone, they think everyone’s lying to them, everyone’s working for somebody else. The whole civil society has broken down. And when you talk about the mood of the people – well, whether it’s on right wing talk radio, or among students, or just among the general population, you get a very good reception these days for the kind of things I talk about. But it’s scary, because if you came and told the people, “Clinton’s organizing a UN army with aliens to come and carry out genocide, you’d better go to the hills...” you’d get the same favorable response. That’s the problem, you’d get the same favorable response. I mean you can go to the most reactionary parts of the country, or anywhere else and a thousand people will show up to listen and they’ll be really excited about what you’re saying – no matter what it is. That’s the trouble: it’s no matter what it is. Because people are so disillusioned by this point that they will believe almost anything.”



Sean said…
This post-truth era is going to end badly, and it's already awful! This should be a wake up call for a lot of people and hopefully things can still turn around. Scary to think where you would be if the election results were actually close...
LT said…
Ah Sean... it is so scary!

And to Ute, I read our message then accidentally deleted it. Can you email me again??

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