the enormous sky

 I found this poem ....

In my chest,
a strange voice awakens
and a song plays inside me
a longing that is not mine.

They say that ancestors, dead before their time,

with young blood still in their veins,
with great passion in their blood,
with the sun still burning in their blood
come to continue to live
within us
their unfinished lives.

Such a deep silence surrounds me, that I think I hear
moonbeams striking on the windows......

—Lucian Blaga, translated by MariGoes
..."I would like to step out of my heart and go walking beneath the enormous sky" - Rainer Maria Rilke
even the sky speaks stars... in my backyard


yelling rosa said…
Nice poem.
Thank you for sharing :)
LT said…
Thank you Yelling Rosa. So good to see you here! XO
LT said…
Thank you Mary - it speaks to me too!

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