Sitting too long?

My friend Jaga'de shared this:

Remembered an exercise that is excellent for relieving tensions from writing and sitting too long.  Stand up, arms relaxed at sides.  Ball your fists.  Turn the thumbs toward your body and as far behind you as possible.  This will begin to hunch your shoulders.  You bring your head down, your chin on your chest.  And turn as far into yourself as you can.  Then relax, stand straight, arms at side relaxed.  Take a deep breathe.  Then ball your fists, turn your thumbs outward away from body, keeping arms close to body.  As you turn the thumbs away, you feel your body arch up and out.  Let your head go back as far as you can and stretch.  Relax, arms at sides.  Take a deep breathe, ball your fists and then turn thumbs toward your body once again and repeat the exercise.  Do this several times.  You will be surprised at how much tension is released.  This really Feels Good!


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