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March 30, 2020 

I don't push people to buy chapbooks I write. I want to give them as gifts. I plan to print out 50 copies. That's it.  Read it free on Pressbooks at the link below.

Becoming: Then it Hit Me (MMXX) is out today in both paperback and ebook on the Amazon. (The first edition came out in 2014)

Ebook ASIN: B086J8QK18 Paperback ISBN: 979-8619923025

There are short stories (hybrid memoir), and lots about my life today...


Trace L Hentz’s BECOMING: THE IT HIT ME (MMXX) is a fierce uplifting hybrid memoir that is wholly unique to the award winning Native journalist’s lived experiences as a curious but traumatized child/adoptee, as a young actor and rock musician traveling the states, as a wife and grandmother, and as a working writer-publisher-blogger. Weaving together true stories and conversations, Hentz addresses themes of opening her adoption, identity, family reunions, transformation, spirituality, a sense of home, and claiming an identity in her two worlds.
Becoming is about becoming the change…
Writing about how she got the name Lethal Journalist and her foray into becoming a news editor, Terror Bunny is the story she tells her granddaughter Cami, and Butt Dancer is a chapter about birthdays and her “my bad” and so much more“ in over 20 true short stories. READ NOW

There are LOTS of things that hit me over the past 20 years... probably hit you too.

Sleeps with Knives: HAS IT HIT YOU YET was published in 2019. READ FREE


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