New book? Are you Kidding Me?

"Sleeps With Knives | Has It Hit You Yet?" is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. It is available for customers to pre-order here.

SLEEPS WITH KNIVES | Has it Hit You Yet?

a sneak peek:

I am a dangerous woman.
I am dangerous.
I sleep with weapons.
My life is full of danger.
I sleep with a machete.
I sleep with knives.
I will kill you.
I don't care if you like me.
I am a dangerous woman.
Has it hit you yet?
I am a dangerous woman.

(c) 2019

#12 in Best Sellers in Native American Poetry


KOBO Canada ebook

From the Preface:
One of my rules for writing: Don't repeat yourself.  Excuse me in this volumebecause some of my words are yelled and repeated for effect.
This may sound RATHER funny but I do not consider myself a poet but I string together GOOD WORDS, like hip hop poetry, my own alchemy.
This book is for my granddaughters Cami and Aubrey, close family, old friends, new friends.  It was time for me to collect words called poems (again) and do this new chapbook seven years later. This is the second edition of SLEEPS WITH KNIVES | Has It Hit You Yet? The first edition was under my pen-name Laramie Harlow.

There is a long essay in this book Earth Tribes at the Millennium, which I wrote after a dream many years ago.


Wooo hoo! Can't wait to read it.
LT said…
Hey Laura! It will just be ebook for awhile. And you have to be the nicest person I know! Thank you thank you thank you

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