Hmmmm.... what is swag and what does it mean... it's FREE STUFF from the author (me) to (reader) you!

Send me an email (no SASE required) bluehandcollective@outlook.com
or leave a comment on this page with YOUR EMAIL (name (a) gmail or whatever (dot) com.

I have something for YOU! 
I only have 4 and they are one of a kind

[source of ideaYou also can receive swag from some authors for free. I know from experience that if you send a self addressed stamped envelope to Jennifer L Armentrout and Holly Black they will send back book swag. A lot of authors do this, check their website and this would typically be under a tab called Extras or something similar. I got Holly Black’s autograph on swag for The Cruel Prince this way. This is definitely worth checking out if you’re a big fan.]


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