The Big Wobble: the lungs of the world | The Amazon is burning. The Arctic is burning.

The Big Wobble: Global worry as wildfires escalates across the lun...:
Credit NASA

As thousands of wildfires are ravaging the Amazon rain forest, the global concern is rising as the lungs of our world, which produce almost a quarter of the planet's oxygen has caused the French President Emmanuel Macron to claim the wildfires are an international crisis.
Meanwhile, As fires rage in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, the south-east Asian nation of Indonesia is witnessing a similarly devastating ecological tragedy unfold. 

UPDATE:’s Associate Director of US Campaigns, Sara Shor said:
“The Amazon is burning. The Arctic is burning. This decision by the Nebraska Supreme Court to green light Keystone XL is outrageous. By ruling in favor of the Public Service Commission, the state Supreme Court has ruled against the community. The climate impacts of this route have not been thoroughly studied, nor were Tribes or landowners properly consulted. What we already know that this pipeline will have long lasting and devastating huge impacts on the climate, water and land, none of which have properly been assessed by a body with the capacity to understand the environmental impact. At such a critical juncture for the fight to keep fossil in the ground, where big oil corporations are doing their best to stifle pipeline protest, this decision is heartbreaking. We will continue to fight with communities Keystone XL with every available means.” 


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