Climate change causes conflict | Mass Migration

Climate change causes conflict

Why is no one reporting on the cause of unrest in Central America? It is the same that started the civil war in Syria, i.e. CLIMATE CHANGE! In Syria the farmland was becoming a desert due to drought and people were asking for help from their government. When they got none, they started protesting in the streets. Instead of sending aid the government focused on stamping down the protests, hence the civil rebellion.
In Central America, the issue is also climate change. The coffee crop, the corn crop, all crops are failing. People are in dire straights, facing starvation if they stay. Violence comes with desperation. They really have no choice but to walk north.
Mass migration is one of many consequences of climate change along with floods, drought, fires, super storms, etc. Why isn’t climate change noted in the news. There is something we could do to help people stay in their countries of origin. We could stop polluting the atmosphere. Per capita, the U.S. is the biggest polluter. We need a more knowledgeable, more intelligent and better read president to get us off fossil fuels as is happening in so many other places where there is intelligent leadership.
In the meanwhile I would like to sponsor a family being held at the border, parents and children. How can I do that?
— Malita Brown, Wilbraham


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