Chief Lynn Malerba of the Mohegan Tribe: “We are not invisible within our own lands.” – at National Museum of the American Indian

Tales from Wisconsin, part 1

family photo


A stray bluebird,  

six white tail deer,

Two bald eagles and an enormous grey owl
They were here in Wisconsin
my home, on my last visit
Edie has her stories
About a less than shy wolf who met her gaze
One Saturday afternoon
And a mother badger and her pups
Along the county road
And one straggly coyote who really needed
A good brushing and bath
Or the herd of deer that came
Thudding around the house
like a pack of wild horses
sometime last fall
and the two black bears
hanging out of Bob’s trees
who figured out how to move the
clothesline where the birdfeeders were hanging
for safety
One unlucky insect persists, Edie tells me,
And it seems only bay leaves in the windows
Will make the ladybugs leave
Or prevent more from making
The inside of her home their home
Oh, the tales of Wisconsin, my old home… my old life...

© 2004   (photo is my first day of school in Wisconsin, in 1962)


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