BAN 5G (updated)

Effects of antennas on trees

Important study conducted in Germany and published in a Science of the Total Environment magazine (which is assessed by SJR in the first quartile, Q1 therefore at the top of international journals that talk about the environment of chemical pollution) 
a detailed study on long-term monitoring (2006-2015) was conducted in the cities of Bamberg and Hallstadt (Germany). 
During the monitoring, photographic observations and recordings of unusual or unexplained damage to trees were made, together with the measurement of electromagnetic radiation.
The statistical analysis of the many data acquired in all those years has shown that the electromagnetic radiation of radio base stations of cell phones are harmful to trees. These findings are consistent with the fact that tree damage from cell phone towers usually begins on one side, extending to the whole tree over time.




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then it hit me

then it hit me

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